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Instagram these days is one of the most famous social media applications that are used by people. The application has millions and millions of daily users who use the application for different purposes. When it start the application was created for people to communicate with each other, the application has now also turned into a platform of advertising and promotion where people can advertise their brands and businesses. 

One of the most recent things launched on the application is Instagram reels. Instagram Reels are short videos that you can make on the application for different reasons and today reels are more popular on the application than pictures and posts were ever. But with new updates and features, there are also technical issues that prevent users from using the application as there are many users who have complained about reels not working on Instagram

Here in the guide, we are going to focus on the same issue so that you can resolve your problem and ensure that there are no issues with Instagram reels on your application. 

What Are the Top Fixes to Fix Instagram Reels Now working?

It is very complicated to understand when Instagram reels are not working because most issues like these happen because of technical glitches and errors. However, there is no reason to dwell on the reasons for these issues as you need to focus on the solutions that will help you in fixing Instagram reels not working

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Method 1: Access Reels Using a Different Option 

You might think that accessing reels can only be completed with the help of the option that is present in the navigation tab however, allow me to tell you that there is another option that you can use when you want to access Instagram reels. There are other options present from where you can access reels on your account like the New post icon or the Stories page. You can also use the Explore option to access reels on your account. 

Method 2: Look for an Update on the Application 

As explained earlier, there are many new updates and features that are added to the application after each improvement. But with each new improvement, you need to update the application so that the older features in the application also work properly. And that is why it is very important for you to regularly update your application so that you face no technical hiccups while using the application. Open Play Store and update the application on your mobile phone to use it without issues. 

Method 3: Use the Current Version of the Android or iOS

Updating the application is a very important thing and at the same time, updating the version of your mobile device is also a very important thing. Some new and recent updates in the application support the latest Android or iOS versions and that is why you also need to update your system to ensure that Instagram reels are working effortlessly. You will get the option to update the system in the ‘Software Update’ option in the mobile settings. 

Method 4: Remove Excess Data from the Application 

If you are thinking why reels is not showing in Instagram then, this can also happen because of too many cache and cookies in the storage of your application. Open the settings and proceed to clear the cache data that is present in the application as the cache data is responsible for a lot of issues in different situations. 

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