There are many things to do as long-distance tow differs from the tow in the local area. You have to do a lot of things for a safe transfer. If you are unable to do them, this may result in vehicle damage. Getting a long-distance towing service would be a better option for your vehicle. It will be easier and safer to move that way.

Make sure the doors are locked

Although it is basic, it’s essential to tell you guys that if you are towing your vehicle, lock your door. Although you are using the services of a towing company, and there’s no chance of theft, you still have to be cautious. In the course of a journey, it helps prevent potential burglars from getting into your car. It also ensures that your car doors will not open automatically and prevent damage.

Disable the Car Alarm

Disabling your car alarm is one of the most important things you should do before getting a long-distance tow. Besides causing panic and stress for the tow truck driver and inconveniencing others, a car alarm is unnecessary. That is why it is good to turn down the car alarm. 

It is also essential to disable the alarm as it makes the driver uncomfortable, which will be a risk for your vehicle. Suppose your car alarm turns off between the transportation and the driver stops in the roadway to disable it. It will also result in delay. So it is necessary to disconnetct the car alarm when you’re leaving your car.

Maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness

Before towing your vehicle, clean it properly and check it thoroughly so you can see all the dents on your car. Nobody wanted his car damaged when paying for safe delivery, so checking dents is also substantial. If you find any other damage after the delivery, you can contact the towing company and ask for compensation.

Make sure your gas tank is empty

Removing extra fuel is essential if your fuel tank is full, as nobody drives it when towing. It only adds weight to the vehicle, and a low fuel tank helps avoid potential leakage. Towing the vehicle requires less time and effort when it is lighter.

Keep your tires inflated

Check your vehicle’s tire pressure, as they are beneficial when properly loading and unloading it on the truck. Your vehicle is better protected when its tires are appropriately inflated since they can handle bumpy roads. It is also essential to prevent any tire or rim damage. Lower your vehicle, as it will make it more stable. You can do so by using a lowering kit.

 Make sure you remove your valuables and essentials

A person using his car in his daily routine must have its essential things in his vehicle, and there’s a high chance that there must be something important in your car. So make sure to check and remove your thing before giving your car for towing. 

Check your car glove compartment and trunk. If you find anything there, then empty it. Remove all the documents and licenses to avoid any trouble.

Remove all the accessories

One last step you have to do before giving away your car to the towing company is to remove the accessories that have a chance of damage. Many people add accessories to their cars to make them eye-catching and convenient. Most of the modified accessories are fragile, with a significant chance of damage. To prevent any car damage, it is necessary to remove them.

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